NINNI design is expanding.
I am enrolling as a student in graphic design at Noroff at 16th of March this year.
This blog will be the reflective journal and assignment presentation.

NINNI DESIGN reflective journal
Course assignments
Lesson tasks

AW01 – Lesson Task – Doomsday rice

You have to design packaging for rice. The packaging has to be different from what is out there in the market. Apply each one of the SCAMPER techniques and do a write‑up on your findings. Then choose the option that you think would work best and do a sketch of what the packaging would look

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AW01 – Lesson task – Applying the SCAMPER model to McDonalds

Use the Internet to research the history of the fast food chain McDonald’s and explain which parts of the SCAMPER model are evident in its development onto its current success. What is the SCAMPER model you might think? It is one of many methods and models to spark your creativity and innovation. When you are

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AW01- Lesson task – quizzes and puzzles

Challenge: “Think about the following four riddles and give your answer to each. The purpose is that you should have fun in figuring these out. Why not get a group of friends together and see if you can come up with some creative solutions?” 1. A man is replacing a wheel on his car, when

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