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Report CA00

GRA1 FM1GD1131 CA00 Report

First report, first week done.
I am taking this study part time, so my first week was over two weeks. We had four lesson tasks: Forum presentation, The journey here ( a more comprehensive self-presentation), a overview over all deadlines (handouts, submissions and so on) and a self-portrait. Then two submissions: a moodle illustration and a report. Moodle illustration is attached, lesson tasks can be viewed at my blog: https://ninnidesign.no/tankestro

Lesson tasks and submissions

The goals of CA00 is to:

  • Familiarise students with the work methods of GRA1
  • Familiarise the students with Moodle
  • The students will achieve knowledge regarding:
  • work methods
  • how to deliver Course assignments
  • how feedback is given
  • the infrastructure of Moodle

This was done through the four lesson tasks stated above, and the report and moodle illustration. I started with my forum presentation, even before I had orientated myself enough in Moodle to know my course assignments. I then continued with my self-presentation and self portrait, as well as a timeline for deadlines.

I have personal health challenges, and they prompt me to get ahead early on. I never know when things appear from my side line, and this forces me to have a schedule, which takes this into account. And I know moodle to be somewhat glitchy, so handing in submissions at deadline day is a big no.


I have beginner’s experience in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. I am way more steady in Lightroom, as I am a photographer on my spare time. This made me decide to jump into it all at the beginning, starting with my self-portrait. I have a Wacom Intous pro large, and a Lenovo yoga with a stylus, and need to practise. I used Illustrator, placed a photo of myself in the background layer, and sketched around it, trying to find my way in the brushes library. I am excited to see how big a change there will be after three (two years part time, one year full time) years of practising and learning!

The journey here – my self-presentation made me reflect on how I want to be seen and how much I want to share of my private life. I am a person with a distinct social media appearance, based on honesty and fairness. I wanted my fellow students and my tutors to understand who I am, and what challenges I have during my studies. I want to succeed, I want to do my very best, as I have always done through my years of academia. I believe this self-presentation reflects this.

Moodle illustration

The submissions of CA00 contains of a report and a moodle illustration:

“Choose a metaphor/concept/analogy that illustrates how you see Moodle with all its different elements and areas. Use a pencil and paper to draw this. Make an effort with this assignment and dare to be creative. Try to steer away from the obvious i.e. a pirate’s map or physical campus.”

Moodle. Past time experiences does not make me overly fond of the platform. It is extensive, can be confusing, and may be difficult to manoeuvre. As a student, I need to check it often, and find the important places where the important information is. This actually gave me a flash back to my years of studying theology, heaps of books, of information, handouts, submissions, exams.

A pile of information. A pile of books.

My early pencil sketches were of oddly shaped piles of books. That made me realize that I have to practise on perspectives. A lot. And: I cannot look at other student’s illustrations, as this will make my own voice “disappear” as I have a tendency to loose myself in other people’s work.

First I took a photo of a pile of theology books, placed in Illustrator, changed the opacity, and locked the background:

Then I tried using the pen tool, and found that it did not give me the whimsical look I wanted:

I browsed the brushes library, decided on an ink brush, and transformed my theology books into different parts of the Moodle platform:

Here is the final illustration. Whimsical, clean and crisp. And messy, just like I find Moodle messy. All the information is there, I just need to open each link and forum board and folder. Or book. 

Next week I start on Graphic design 1 – Idea development and design principles.  The first thing I need to do when starting next week, is to make an extensive progression plan that has room for unplanned events and health issues. I also need to get to know the report structure more, to be able to follow it from the start in my work. This start up week has been challenging, as I have had several days not being able to study due to health problems. I hope that getting this far ahead will plan for a better study progression. 

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